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Will you learn new songs for our event?

We can learn 1 new song for your ceremony, or 2 songs for full wedding bookings free of charge! We can learn new songs for key moments such as walking down the aisle, signing the registry, first dance or father/daughter dance. We don't learn new songs for background music during canapés- these will be comprised of the over 250 songs in our repertoire. Additional new songs can be learned at a cost of $100 per song, or otherwise the original recorded version played through our system for free.

Will you travel for our event?

We travel anywhere within 50km of Knox City (eastern suburbs) free of charge. This means Melbourne city, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges and Eastern & South Easter Suburbs are generally free.


For events between 50km and 200km away, additional travel fees are generally between $100-$200 for solo bookings  or $200-$400 for duo bookings.

For any DJ bookings further than 50km away and finishing later than 10:30pm, accommodation may also be necessary- charged at a flat rate of $200.


Can you play at our garden wedding even if there's no access to power?

No power? No worries!

 We have state of the art JBL and Bose systems with built-in lithium batteries that lasts 4-5 hours! So, YES we can play at your event, no matter where it is. I'll cover this a bit more later, but rain or extreme heat are normally our only concerns at an outdoor wedding.

Do you require a deposit to save our date?

I require a $100 booking fee, to secure your date. You will be sent an invoice for the balance in the weeks prior to your event and the funds must be in my account before the day of the event.

The deposit is only refundable in the case of a COVID lockdown, there is no refund for change of mind or cancellation for any other reason. The deposit can be transferred to a new date, depending on availibility.

If I don't know what songs I want for my event, will you choose?

Of course. If you're not sure, just let me know the style of music you like, and I'll send you some recommendations to choose from. As experienced musicians, we will adapt our set based on what your guests are enjoying on the day. We also play music from a carefully selected Spotify playlist during our breaks.

If my ceremony and canapes are at different locations at the venue, can you still do it?

Luckily, my gear is very portable and pretty quick to set up, so YES I can! When you're thinking about your timeline, please keep this in mind, as it might take 20 minutes to pack down and move from one location to another. 

What happens if you get sick or can't make it on the day of our event?

This is every singers worst nightmare!

In the very unlikely event we can't make it, I'll try to find a substitute to fill in. I have a lot of very talented contacts in the industry, and I would be very hopeful I could find a quality replacement, but, as its dependent on availability, there are no guarantees. In a worst case scenario where I can't find anyone to fill in, I will give you as much notice as possible and a full refund. 

How long before the event do you set up?

I normally arrive at the venue an hour before I'm due to start for an acoustic act or two hours before if I'm also DJing as I have two PA's to set up. This gives me plenty of time to find out where to set up, get all my gear ready and have a quick sound check.

The time to set up and pack down is included in the cost of the package you choose.

If we book the duo, who does most of the singing?

If you book the duo, you will hear from both of us equally. The duo option is perfect if you want more than 2 hours of music, as it gives you a greater variety of song choice and we'll alternate between male and female vocals with duets and harmonies. 

What songs do you play as a DJ?

When I'm booked to DJ, I like to work with the couples to develop a song list that suits their taste and event.

I usually ask for a handful of "must play" songs, so I get a sense of what you like, along with a "DO NOT PLAY" list of the songs you hate. You can choose how much input you have in the playlist. I play a lot of mainstream, popular hits and dance floor fillers from the last few decades.

What about if it rains at my garden wedding?

Rain can be tricky if you're (understandably) desperate to continue with your garden ceremony despite the rain. Unfortunately guitars and PA equipment aren't waterproof so I require shelter if there is rain at your outdoor wedding. If its raining (or likely to rain) I will setup in the closest shelter possible, but if there is no shelter nearby, you risk me being unable to perform for your wedding. Heat can also be a concern, so if it's an outdoor wedding over 35 degrees we also require some shade- as much as anything to make sure our equipment doesn't overheat and get damaged.

If you have a question, or would like to know more, please reach out!